Quick post inspired by the winning / nearly there / need action graphs by @yaneerbaryam at


Health regions date is compiled by Isha Berry & friends github. Montreal boroughs data is published daily. They only keep the total and keep no history, so @bouchecl visits them every day and compiles the data in this google sheet


I went a bit over the top for this one and created an R package you can install to recreate all the graphs and fetch the data. As usual, the code for this post is on github.

New to me : the new tidyeval that uses {{ }}, and using vars() inside facet_wrap to allow tidyevaluation.

New to me : using aws.s3 to share images.

Carte slippy des cas

Cas, Décès, Hospitalisation, soins intensif et cas (nombre absolus)

Cas, Hospitalisation, Décès et test per capita selon la région

Graphiques par âge

Réseaux locaux de services

Taux de positivité par âge et région

Montréal (données Santé)