I found life expectancy at birth data for “health regions” in Canada for 2015-2017 and in “census tracts” in the USA for 2010-2015. Here is a map of these two countries, excluding areas with a life expectancy at birth lower than 0. Data sources and shapefiles: Canada mortality. Canada shapefiles. USA mortality. USA shapefiles downloaded using the tigris package. Libraries The usual data wrangling libraries for spatial data (tidyverse, sf), mapped using mapview and leaflet.

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Race for a family

Hey, I’ve finally found an excuse to use the gganimate package in R to generate bar chart races! I’m going back to one of my previous jobs, demography, and we are going to look at how the fertility of the cohorts of Quebec women born between 1915 and 1980 has evolved. The data Fertility data from Statistics Canada, year 1921-2016. It includes data for all provinces. The code As usual, the code is on my github.

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Simon Coulombe

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data scientist in the insurance industry

Québec, Canada